Saturday, April 28, 2007

Go Chris Go!

Just caught up on the audio race reports for Trans Iowa v3, and sounds like my riding buddy and fellow blog-aholic Chris (aka Pivvay or SlipAngles) is killing it out there.

Also, Mrs. Slip Angles, Marni, has several updates from Chris via cell phone on her blog. Looks like Chris is in the top 3 in SSers, and probably top 5 overall.

For those who don't know and don't click the link, Trans Iowa is a 320ish mile race across Iowa. They started at 4am Saturday morning, and the winners are expected to finish around 6-7am Sunday morning. When is the last time you pounded out 300+ miles of dirt/gravel roads on a SS mountain bike? Yeah me neither.

Morning Update:
Chris finished 2nd SSer, and 6th overall. Impressive finish Chris, well done.

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