Sunday, April 15, 2007

Busy Saturday

Saturday was a busy day that saw me running all over the place from dusk till dawn. Stop 1 was an abbreviated stop at the Boulder Roubaix. I had planned on being there for at least the first round of races, but changed plans so that I could get to have breakfast with my Dad before he had to fly back to Oklahoma.

I got to see the first lap of the 8:30 races, snapped a couple pics and then blazed a trail. Here's a couple of the pics...

I was trying to pick Pivvay out of the lineup, found him, snapped a pic and then quickly realized I composed it perfectly with a stop sign in the middle of it. Nice.

Off to breakfast, dropped Yack off at the airport and then back home. When we got back, we decided to get the dogs out for a hike since they had been left home so much lately, so off we went to Lion's Gulch towards Estes Park. Nice day, we had a good hike and the dogs were giddy to be out again.

Molly is happy to be on the trail

Baloo races back to see what is taking us so long

Molly wants a drink

Molly finds her drink

Molly walks the plank

The sky is a different shade of blue in the high country

The day was too nice to not get a bike ride in, so when we got back I grabbed the Niner SS and headed for some dirt roads. I had no real agenda or path, but ended up rambling along for 16+ miles on some loamy, dusty dirt roads. Not a lot of climbing, but a surprisingly tough ride given the loose road and lack of gears.

After cleaning up with met up with my MJ and Sarah in Boulder for some grub at The Med, a trendy little place with a less than typical menu. After we finished up with dinner, we stopped by Scott & Kim Turner's house for a night cap and then finally headed home for some much needed rest.

On to Sunday....

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