Monday, April 30, 2007

More Cake

Got to Boulder last night for my 4th (or is it 5th?) Cake concert. Probably the most laid back concert I've ever attended, but Cake sounded great live as always. The Coors Event Center (where CU plays basketball) isn't really a great place to see a concert, but it was nice to just kick back in a chair and enjoy some good music.

The venue wasn't even close to full, which was likely partially due to the fact the concert was only announced two weeks before the show for some strange reason. As always at Cake concerts, the crowd was a mix of frat boys/sorority girls and the older working crowd.

I found it incredibly appropriate to be hearing the lyric of "Is it you or your parents in this income tax bracket?" during their rendition of "Rock and Roll Lifestyle" in the middle of Boulder which is full of Trustafarians living out their college dreams on Daddy's credit cards.

A good set list with a mix of recent and past hits, including one of my favorites that I had never heard live before, "Comfort Eagle". They played most of the radio hits, but the set list was pretty short. They played for about an hour before taking a 2 minute encore break, then playing a quick 3 songs and calling it a night. Definitely not quite the same atmosphere as the Paramount where Sarah & I saw them last, but I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to see one of my favorite bands when they are so close to home.

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Chad G. said...

Lucky bug...Crystal would have loved to have gone...I can't believe they schedule like that.