Sunday, April 22, 2007

Wile E. Coyote on the hunt

As we were leaving RMNP yesterday, per the usual we saw a huge herd of elk grazing about in the valley. As we drove by out of the corner of my eye I spotted a coyote stalking up on the elk. We quickly pulled over and I started shooting. I must have shot 100+ pics of the series.

Wile E. stalks the herd

Well it turned out that the coyote wasn't quite as ambitious as we had originally thought. We thought he was trying to sneak up on the elk and take one down solo, which would have been impressive to say the least, but he was actually hunting prairie dogs. He got close to grabbing one a couple of times, but a serious crowd on onlookers had gathered and I'm sure we were hindering his chances and concentration.

Regardless, it was a really cool display of nature's food chain on display. The coyote looked really healthy and good, especially just coming off the winter so I'm sure he has been eating pretty well.

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