Friday, July 25, 2008

Burning the edge off

I've done pretty well up to this point, but this morning without work to tend I started getting a bit antsy. Despite missing the crisp, cool morning hours I decided I needed to get on the bike and burn some of the nervous energy off. Not wanting to get too far away from the house, I grabbed Nancy the Niner, fresh off her upgrades, and headed out to put in some solitary miles out on the dirt roads.

As I went on I felt better and better so I kept going. I stopped under a shade tree to catch a drink and a snack, and while I was snapping the pic above Jill called and said "no news". So having that bit of knowledge, I pushed on and kept adding side routes to my normal meander through the Weld County countryside.

Thought I'd stop and catch a little TV on my ride.

I braved the pavement for about 1/2 mile to connect over to the Sandstone Ranch, where there is a nice little crushed gravel path that has a short, but steep climb on it. The other draw here was that I'd travel through a park that would let me refill my only water bottle.

A sign that I will continue to obey

After getting back to gravel road salvation, I retraced my routes and started to head back home. The day was warming quickly, but with a nice wind at my back and my trusty steed back with shiny new cranks, wheels and tires it really felt good to be out again.

One of the great things about riding the dirt roads is I get to meet lots of colorful characters along the way, most of them having 4 legs.

So now we go back to wait and see mode. Jill is done with work (possibly for good?) in about 30 minutes, then Jim, Judy and I can all continue to sit around and stare at her awaiting some Hollywood-esque labor scene where we all panic and run around before jumping in the car and speeding off to the hospital. Yeah probably nothing like that at all....

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