Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Control to tower....standby

Another day pretty much in the books, and Jill continues to be a good sport about this overly pregnant thing. She gets up and goes to work everyday, while Jim, Judy and I all just wait for her to get out the door so we can start the party.

Tonight we did double duty, in both trying to get this kid moving downward and getting the dogs some much needed exercise by going on a 1.5 mile walk around the neighborhood. I grabbed the camera to try a couple things out and to slow down the pace when needed, so here are a couple shots of our other children who are about to get a big dose of reality (just like Jill and I).

Baloo finally sits still long enough for me to take a pic so he can be a Blog star too.

Molly somehow in the last year or so got this odd freckle on her tongue.

So our Groundhog Day starts again tomorrow. 95 degrees, Jill goes to work, Molly naps all day, Baloo wants to play fetch, I ride my bike to burn some nervous energy, Judy cleans the house and Jim works out with more weights than a 25 year old.

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