Saturday, July 12, 2008

An honorary addition to the family

Tressa stopped through town to show off her gorgeous (who would have guessed Tressa had a pretty baby, weird), 2 week old baby girl Riley this week. Of course, out of town guests means chow down time at Pasta Jay's for the rest of us. Sarah & Tressa met Jill & I in Boulder Thursday night for some Chicken Julianna, my absolute favorite dish, and so that Sarah & Tressa could laugh about handing Riley off to me the second we arrived. Tressa is pretty much a sibling, she's had honorary White status (maybe "honorary White" is a bit of an oxymoron) for years and years.

Little did they know I'm now a pro at this baby stuff after my intensive 3 hours of training via Daddy Boot Camp. I'm totally unfazed, cool and collected. OK maybe I'm just a bit less nervous than before, but something tells me I'll get used to it.

We're getting very, very close to having our own addition. 8 days and counting till the proposed due date, although Jill & I both agree we're expecting Coop to be late. The "about to have a baby" thing didn't really strike me upside the head until Tress had Riley. When that happened a couple weeks ago, I've gotten super excited and am ready to have this kid show up. Of course you can remind me of this sentiment in a month when I'm walking around with blood-shot eyes in a zombie state from no sleep, but even then I'm sure I'll be a very proud dad.


SBW said...

I think we will have to make sure we've played ball with Baloo all day long and that it's well past his bedtime before the "Anne Geddes with animals" shots should be taken with Baloo.... :)

Tressa said...

Well let me first say just how fortunate Riley and I are to have honorary White status. I am amazed that the Whites still claim me after all these years.

Our trip to Denver was wonderful, albeit too short. Of course Sarah spoiled us both.

It was so good to see Bubba and Jill, although I must admit seeing Jill made me highly upset. The woman looks gorgeous. When I was that far along I looked like a toad. My feet were so swollen I couldn't even wear shoes. Jill, I'm sure I will forgive you in time. :)

Riley and I will soon be off on our next trip to see Ma, Pa, Teagan and Mary. We are so excited to be getting out of town again.

I am anxiously awaiting little Cooper's arrival. I know he will be amazing, as will be his new Mom and Dad.

If I can do this anyone can. You two will be fantastic parents!