Friday, July 11, 2008


Well no iPhone for me yet. I casually dropped by the AT&T store today but they had long sold out of all of their phones. The Apple store in Boulder and Westminster evidently both have lots of stock, but due to the Apple servers crashing its taking 30 minutes to process a customer so the lines are outrageous.

Yes I've been wanting one of these for going on 16 months, but I'm not going to stand outside in line on the hottest day of the year. The AT&T store had forms to fill out that you could put a phone on order, but the orders were given no priority. The AT&T rep told me they would be getting phones in just about every day next week, but those phones would be first come first serve and the fulfillment orders would be given no priority. Sounds like a hell of a deal right? Pay now and then let them distribute the next batches of phones to come in to other people. No thanks.

So instead of getting my iPhone today I think I'm going to go out on the road bike and see how long I can stand the heat. Maybe if I get high enough into the foothills it won't be too bad today.

The quest continues...

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