Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jill at 9 months

Tomorrow (Sunday) is our official due date. Doesn't look like its gonna happen, but it could start at any moment so we are going through the motions of getting prepped. We've got the car seat installed, we've packed a bag to take, camera batteries are charged, etc. Jill thinks we are a week off. I think we are 5 days off (my guess is July 25th).

Before we left to catch Batman: The Dark Night this morning, I grabbed the camera to get another progression shot of Jill. She looks great, and has really had a great pregnancy thus far. We're in the home stretch, and both just very excited to get this little guy here so we can start tormenting him.

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Charla said...

Jill looks great, though I imagine she's ready to get the show on the road! Please keep us posted!