Friday, July 18, 2008

Ned follow up

After nearly walking out the door to ride the road this morning, I picked up the phone and told John that we should ride something on the mountain bikes. It was going to be hot today, and I couldn't spend my potential last free Friday churning along on asphalt. So up we went to Nederland for some West Mag sweetness.

JP took it pretty easy on me, which is a good thing. My form is fading fast, but I still get out there and try to turn the cranks. We did some "new to me" stuff today, which was great. I've never had a bad day when I've ridden new trail, and today was no exception.

Here is the elevation graph from today

Here is a quick iPhone photo of The Punisher approaching the turn

And just like that he's gone. This is the view I normally have of John.

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